Day 167: the three most L.A. things that happened to me this week.

  • I drove to Plyojam, in which we did this squat-and-turn-the-steering-wheel move during one song; then I drove home while listening to the song and make-believing I was doing the steering-wheel dance move when I was actually steering the actual wheel.


  • While I was waiting for my appointment at the waxing salon I heard someone say, “Ooh, I like your romper!” Reader, I was interpellated as an Angeleno in the moment that I realized that this very well-groomed Althusserian policeman was hailing me, and that I was in fact wearing a one-piece babygro-type garment.


  • I was late for a work lunch and the buffet line was wayyyyy long, so I cut in line by the plates by referencing the “chat and cut” move from Curb Your Enthusiasm. Everyone laughed good-naturedly and I smugly took a plate.