Day 139: meanwhile, back in the ivory tower …

From: Mike
Subject: Book Found in Faculty Common Room 
Sent: Thursday, December 8, 2016 at 9:47 AM
To: English Graduate Students, English Faculty

Dear all –

A copy of A Dictionary of Marxist Thought was found on the 
coffee machine this morning.  It’s now at the department 
front desk for pick up.




O, darling English department, sweet sanctuary for people who walk around carrying actual paper books titled A Dictionary of Marxist Thought, books which they absent-mindedly leave on top of the coffee machine while lost in some reverie, promise me you’ll never change!

Emails like this make me feel like I actually live in the campus satire Small World that David Lodge wrote back in 1984.

I rather fancy the idea that this (actual) email could be the first in a (fictional) series titled something like Only in the Humanities: Emails from the English Faculty Listserv.

Contributions gladly received.

Love, & c.