belongings, collected

  • Shoeboxes containing Christmas tree ornaments individually wrapped in newspaper, two
  • Plastic water bottles, the kind you might use while hiking, two
  • Box containing some kind of insulating tiles for soundproofing (maybe?), one
  • Carry-on sized suitcase, one, in which was packed the following:
    • Dog bowls, two (one plastic, one wooden)
    • Ceramic bowl decorated with dogs that the kids bought him one year for Christmas, one
      • Was it meant for humans or dogs to drink out of? We could never tell. It was from Anthropologie, so I don’t think it was ever intended to have any use-value as such
    • Zip-lock bag of dry dog food, one
    • Black white bandanna, one
    • Pair of Williams sweatpants, one
    • Monogrammed residency graduation jacket, one
    • T-shirts, two
      • striped, one
      • with some kind of nihilist quotation on it, one
    • Bills, two
    • Long letter his ex-girlfriend wrote him after he met me and broke up with her, one
    • Contact lenses, an odd number—which is always irritating with contact lenses, isn’t it
    • Clothing that belonged to his Mom that I kept after we went through a bunch of her old clothes and were deciding what to give to Goodwill, three items
      • fleece socks, one pair
      • Cream-colored linen dress that I kept because I thought it was pretty, but I never wore it, one
      • Her wedding ring, which I zipped in the right-hand pocket of her fleece jacket; at first I put it in with the contact lenses in a zip-lock bag but that felt wrong, one
    • Beach umbrella, one
    • Boogie boards, three (three!)
    • Beach chair, one
    • Foldable cart for carrying beach gear, one
    • Beach bag, one, in which I housed:
      • Several Russian dolls, well-used and well-loved in this house. They will be missed



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