Day 131: Stuff I would have posted this week if I were still on facebook

  • Did Alexander Pope go by Alex, Xander, or the full Alexander? Or … wait … Al? Lexy? I need an answer, people.
  • In response to a post titled “how to build a charcuterie board,” that appeared in a lifetstyle blog I’ve been reading since leaving facebook (in between writing my second book and re-reading the Iliad, obvs.) one reader responded excitedly in the comments section: “excited to make a vegan version of this for parties! There are so many delicious options out there now that do not include animal products.” Veganism: yes. Vegan charcuterie board: no. Just: no. [1] 
  • Why is ghosting (the practice of ceasing all communication with someone you’re dating) called ghosting when the agent of said “ghosting” disappears? An apparition is, precisely, an appearance. Yes, it is true that an apparition is, as Jayne puts it in Air’s Appearance, “seeming without being,” but that is still exactly the opposite of the experience the term “ghosting” denotes. When you are “ghosted” it is precisely the knowledge that the person’s being persists, presumably, out there in the world, even as their representation vanishes, that is the most uncanny and, frankly, galling, aspect of the experience. Not that I would know.



[1] Wouldn’t it be amazing if a post titled “how to build a charcuterie board” on a blog aimed at women was ACTUALLY about woodworking your own chopping board? Also, that totally WOULD be vegan, right?


3 thoughts on “Day 131: Stuff I would have posted this week if I were still on facebook

  1. Martinus Scriblerus says:

    You left Facebook! How is it out there in the world? Also, this post contains an excellent tag.

    • Martinus, if ANYONE were going to resolve the Pope question, it would be you. I can’t believe you didn’t even address it! Also: I like it out here in the world! Highly recommended! From here, the chatter of Facebook is just a distant, tinny, hum.

  2. Martinus Scriblerus says:

    I think pope dabbled in frivolous sobriquets. Lexi, Xan, and of course the ever apt Big Al. Or, you know, Martinus Scriblerus.

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