A Trigger Warning, or, possibly, a Teaser

The next dispatch, Day 62, which I will post shortly, is chock-full of profanity. It starts with the title and it just gets worse from there. So this here is just a prefatory note to say, first of all: Mum, DO NOT READ DAY 62. The rest of you: DO NOT FORWARD DAY 62 TO MY MUM. Also, Mum, in case you ignore this warning and go ahead and read it anyway, I just want you to know in advance that none of the foul language that features in Day 62 was used by me out loud, I am merely quoting and then musing on the implications of certain terms of abuse being applied to certain Romantic poets. But I very, very rarely swear out loud as anyone who knows me well can attest, and thus I can say with absolute sincerity that I would never call Samuel Taylor Coleridge either a cunt or a tosser to his face.

Thank you.



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